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Nancy Christie

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Nancy Christie is the award-winning author of two Midlife Moxie novels: Reinventing Rita and Finding Fran (both from BookBaby); three short story collections: Mistletoe Magic and Other Holiday Tales, Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories and Peripheral Visions and Other Stories (all from Unsolicited Press); two books for writers: Rut-Busting Book for Authors and Rut-Busting Book for Writers (both from BookBaby) and the inspirational book, The Gifts Of Change (Atria/Beyond Words).
Her short stories and essays have appeared in numerous print and online publications, with several earning contest placement.
The host of the Living the Writing Life podcast and the founder of the annual “Midlife Moxie” Day and “Celebrate Short Fiction” Day, Nancy teaches writing workshops at conferences, libraries, and schools. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), the Florida Writers Association (FWA) and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA).

Reinventing Rita

Reinventing Rita

Is fifty too old to start over and reinvent yourself?

That's what Rita Reynolds has to decide after a series of unwelcome occurrences arrive in time for her fiftieth birthday. First, she learns that her college-age son would rather spend the summer with his new girlfriend rather than at home with his mother. Then comes the unpleasant news that her part-time job might be ending, which will toss her back into the job market.

Underscoring it all is the realization that since her divorce, she's been coasting on the highway of life. Now, it's time to hit the gas and start moving ahead, despite the bumps in the road that keep slowing her down!

A chance to teach a six-week baking class brings Rita's almost-forgotten dream of becoming a professional baker back to the surface. Can she overcome her fear that it might be too late for a midlife makeover? With the help of her friends—including Donna, her employer, and Karen, her ex-husband's second wife—she's about to find out.

Mistletoe Magic and Other Holiday Tales

Mistletoe Magic and Other Holiday Tales

MISTLETOE MAGIC AND OTHER HOLIDAY TALES is about the wonder and excitement of the holiday season, as shown through the experiences of the characters in these eight stories.

Finding Fran

Finding Fran

A cheating lover and a failing career—Fran Carter is stuck in a midlife mess!

Once a best-selling romance novelist, 55-year-old Fran Carter is now dealing with a slow but steady drop in book sales and a major case of writer’s block, complicated by the knowledge that her lover, a professional photographer, has been on the wrong side of the camera (so to speak) with his models. (So much for her author brand, built on the premise that women in their fifties and beyond can still find love and happiness.)

Her solution? A week at a northern California bed-and-breakfast, where she hopes to overcome a bad case of writer's block in time to meet her next deadline while deciding how to handle her relationship issue.

As she struggles to resolve both situations, Fran finds encouragement and support not only from her long-time friend Diana, but also from unlikely sources: the elderly gun-toting woman who owns the B&B and is facing challenges of her own, the book store manager who offers a delicate critique of Fran's previous books, and the stylists at the salon who give Fran a new look to go with her growing sense of the woman she wants to be and the life she wants to live.

Can she do it? Will Fran be able to turn her midlife mess into a personal and professional triumph?

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