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A. M. McPherson

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A.M. McPherson released her first book, The Guardians’ Daughter, in 2021, and it reached the top 100 list on Amazon in YA Superhero Fiction. She left her ten-year career in finance to pursue her passion for writing and to spend more time with her family. She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what.

A.M. has been a lover of superhuman stories for over twenty years and loves Ghost Adventures, Unsolved Mysteries, and anything supernatural. She also enjoys hiking with her husband and little dude when she isn’t getting lost in her imagination.

The Guardian's Daughter

The Guardian's Daughter

Ember's life is turned upside down the day villains brutally murder her parents. No one comes to their aid, including their comrades-the other Guardians. She loses her trust in the supposed heroes and vows to never follow in her parents' footsteps.

A dark secret looms in Aiden's past and he aspires to become a Guardian as a way to cope. At university, he meets Ember, and an undeniable spark ignites between them. But Aiden wrestles with his developing feelings for her, and as they grow closer, unexpected dangers threaten their bond, including his secret.

Aiden struggles to open up about his past to Ember, since it would reveal a troubling link to her parents' murders, and Ember finds herself questioning everything she believes to be true about Guardians. Not only could Aiden's secret tear them apart, but it may also lay the foundation for the Guardians' undoing ...

The Guardian's Secret

The Guardian's Secret

Months ago, Black Mold and his gang of villains attacked the city of Stalwarth, leaving mass destruction in their wake. Little did Ember and Aiden know it was just the beginning of the villains’ plans.

Ember is determined to uncover the truth about her parents’ murders. But as she unearths secret after secret, Ember wonders who she can trust. Are the Guardians truly selfless heroes, or are they just as conniving as the villains they fight?

Meanwhile, Aiden’s dream of becoming a Guardian is turning into a nightmare. His power grows alongside his anger. Is he cracking under the pressure, or is something more nefarious at play?

Ember and Aiden promised each other nothing would tear them apart as they try to solve the secrets surrounding them. But to keep that promise, they’ll have to risk the lives of those they love the most.

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