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Weston Kincade

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Weston Kincade writes character-driven fantasy and horror novels that stretch the boundaries of imagination, and often genres. His current series include the Life of Death Trilogy and the Priors. Weston’s thrilling short stories have been published in Alucard Press’ 50 Shades of Slay, Kevin J. Kennedy’s bestselling collections, the Ohio Horror Writers Association’s That Which Cannot Be Undone, and other anthologies. He is a member of the HWA, an editor, writing coach, and teaches by day. In his spare time, Weston enjoys spending time with family, friends, and a long-hair feline named Luna.

A Life of Death Trilogy

A Life of Death Trilogy

Dreams of death. Small-town secrets. High school is the least of his worries…

Virginia, 1995. Alex’s only comfort is at his father’s grave. Battling school bullies and a dangerously abusive drunken stepdad, the troubled teen thinks life can’t get any worse. But when he casually drags his fingers across a wrought-iron fence, he’s overwhelmed by a terrifying image of murder…

Convinced he must act on his otherworldly knowledge, Alex searches his small town for proof of the violent crime. But as his visions grow stronger, the terrible truths he uncovers threaten the lives of his entire stepfamily.

Can Alex get justice for the dead before he ends up six feet under?

A Life of Death Trilogy includes:
● A Life of Death, Book 1 - Alex has a checkered past, a broken home, and a surprising ability. But who will believe a troubled teen when murders implicate a founding family?
● The Golden Bulls, Book 2 - Ritual Sacrifice. Terror. Panic. In a fear-filled town, will ghostly visions be enough to stop a serial killer?
● Sacrifices, Book 3 - Alex’s ghostly visions can save lives. But can they stop a drug czar from disrupting the peace and harmony of Tranquil Heights?

If you like amazing supernatural stories that are intense, powerful, and fraught with emotion, then you'll love Weston Kincade's psychic coming-of-age mystery trilogy, A Life of Death.

To Kill a Priest

To Kill a Priest

Book 1 of the Priors Series

In a universe with infinite realities, could you settle for just one?

Human kind is evolving. Madelin has special shifting abilities, and a government black-op agency knows it. To free herself, she will have to trust an unknown godfather and men with questionable pasts to test the limits of this world and break them… but will the next be any better?

For those who love books with complex, tortured characters and action-packed adventure, Weston Kincade’s first book in The Priors series is the thrill ride for you.

To Kill an Assassin

To Kill an Assassin

Book 2 of the Priors Series

Redemption is best served cold… and from another plane of existence.

Mutations are running rampant. Worlds devastated by war. The PASTOR agency plans to rule them all. On the run, Madelin and her evolved friends are intent on stopping the black-ops agency and freeing victims like herself—including those attempting to kill her. She must discover her own abilities and learn to harness them… or else entire worlds will be overrun. Even then… it may be too late.

Weston Kincade’s sequel in The Priors series is a thrilling step into the unknown, exploring the depths of friendship, self-discovery, and above all, revenge.

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