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Karen E. Drennen

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Karen E. Drennen, born and raised in a small Ohio village, currently lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and black lab mix. Karen, a (retired)registered nurse by trade, has worked the past eight years as a chaplain and prior, a college educator (including nursing). Karen’s career and formal education in Christian ministry and practical theology provide a foundation and perspective that is unique and present in her writings. Elkanah’s Promise is the fruition of God’s promise and Karen’s determination to finish a work that became a passion. Karen’s hope is that others will discover (or re-discover) the mercy and love of God through her writings.

Elkanah's Promise

Elkanah's Promise

Annie was a young woman without hope, a victim of a cruel man. After years of living under Jake's brutality, Annie- terrified of all men- found herself seeking refuge in a store dumpster. When Elkanah Blakehorn found Annie in her desperate state, she was certain her life was over.

However, it was Elkanah's kindness and compassion that took Annie from a point of waiting on death, while filled with the belief that God hated her, to realizing and accepting God's love.

Just as Annie was learning to accept the love of Christ, she found her life in the balance. The death she had previously waited and longed for was now lurking around the corner. Could she forgive the man that mercilessly beat and traumatized her for years? Or would she die with the burden of unforgiveness?

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