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Susan Kimmel Wright

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Susan Kimmel Wright is excited to emerge from her bunker after the two-year COVID drought of in-person book events. She'll be sharing the prequel novella and Book One of her cozy mystery series, Mysteries of Medicine Spring, published by Mountain Brook Ink, as well as a selection of her children's mysteries, and Chicken Soup for the Soul books featuring her personal-experience stories. Book Three in her series releases June 5--timing, alas, is everything!
Susan was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains and loves being out in the woods with her dogs (aka "The Writing Factory Security Team). She's a sucker for old black-&-white movies, abandoned places, and anything custard.

Mabel & the Cat's Meow

Mabel & the Cat's Meow

Prequel to Mabel Gets the Ax, Book One in the Mysteries of Medicine Spring cozy mystery series!

In Mabel & the Cat’s Meow (2021), we get our first glimpse of the village of Medicine Spring and meet a few of the local residents, not to mention Mabel, best friend Lisa, and Barnacle the dog. Most important, of course, is the creature whose meow that starts the mystery rolling—Koi the cat…

Mabel Gets The Ax

Mabel Gets The Ax

Mabel plans to bring the thrills of volunteering to the masses—if she doesn’t get the ax first.
After losing her job of twenty-three years, Mabel decides to launch what will surely be a glamorous new career as an author. Having recently inherited her late grandmother’s house, she has the freedom to spend time volunteering and writing about her experiences.

Unfortunately, Mabel’s plans soon go off the rails. Her inheritance comes with decades of clutter, an overgrown lot, a dog named Barnacle, and a neighbor with an ax to grind. And her first assignment as a Medicine Spring Historical Society volunteer is to lead a tour of the Sauer Mansion, locally known as the “Ax Murder House,” site of a notorious 1930’s double homicide.

As Mabel shepherds her tour group through the house, it appears history’s repeating itself when she stumbles across a body in the parlor. Finding herself on the suspect list, Mabel scrambles to figure out who swung the fatal ax. In the process, she can’t help being drawn into investigating the unsolved historic murders, teamed up with PI John Bigelow, a man she isn’t sure she can trust. With an ax murderer on the loose, will Mabel be next?

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