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J. D. Blackrose

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J.D. Blackrose wrote The Summoner’s Mark urban fantasy trilogy for Bell Bridge Books, consisting of Demon Kissed, Fae Crossed, and Hell Bound. She’s published The Soul Wars, The Devil’s Been Busy, and Zombie Cosmetologist novellas through Falstaff Books. She’s published short stories such as “Don’t Fool an Earth Witch,” in Mother’s Revenge, “The Book Burning,” in Curiosities, and “Poisoned by Sugar,” in Witches, Warriors, and Wise Women. Her short story, “The Ghost Train,” was published by Third Flatiron in their Spring 2019 Anthology and Best of 2019 Anthology. “Welcome, Death,” appeared in the Jewish Book of Horror in Fall, 2020 as did “The Space Ark,” in the HOZ Journal of Speculative Fiction. Under the name Joelle M. Reizes, she co-wrote a children’s Hannukah story entitled, “Courageous Candles.” She blogs, reviews books, and does author interviews on

Demon Kissed

Demon Kissed

My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becs.

Years ago, a mark appeared on my inner wrist--The Kiss, they call it--and it makes me a summoner. I can summon, well, things…entities of power, including demons. Which, I did, until recently. I quit, because I summoned a demon on behalf of a client and things went south. I fixed it, but now I owe that demon a favor and I don't know when he's going to call it in, or, what he's going to ask.

One thing's for sure, it won't be kosher.

Now I work in a fae bar, trying to stay out of trouble, waiting for the hammer to drop. But trouble tends to follow me. And my upstairs neighbor, Ash, seems to be right in the thick of it. He's gorgeous, with sexy curls, kissable lips, and a body to match. I can't believe someone like him even glanced my way.

Things get complicated when a local mob boss wants my help, a warlock decides I'm next on the menu, and my six-foot-tall fairy friend can't find his way home.

What's a Jewish, bird-watching summoner with family and friends to protect, to do?

Souls Collide

Souls Collide

Kara, a Norse Valkyrie warrior, and Gaspard, a centuries-old vampire, find themselves in an improbable alliance to prevent the Soul Wars, an epic battle between vampires with souls and those without, which a real god swears could shake the very foundations of the Earth. Can Kara and Gaspard set aside their natural enmity, or stranger yet, nurture their unexpected feelings for one another while fighting for their lives?

Tweety and the Monkey Man

Tweety and the Monkey Man

Move over, Bubba, there's a new Hunter in town, and she's having a really crappy day!

Jess Friedman is a Monster Hunter. And a mom. Depending on the day, one of those jobs might get her killed. Depending on the day, either of those jobs might get her killed.

Today, it's probably the monster hunting.

There's a phoenix running around town, and a were-gorilla going nuts in the zoo. That's not the worst thing Jess has to deal with - she's also in charge of snacks for her daughter's kindergarten class, and it's looking an awful lot like Cheetos are the answer. This won't go over well with the other moms, but they're the least scary thing Jess has to worry about.

Were-gorilla, remember? Can Jess get the Monkey Man dealt with before snacktime? How many pushups will she owe her trainer for all the swearing it's going to take to get out of this mess? And how old was the apple juice in her cupholder?

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