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Emilia Rosa

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Emilia Rosa was raised in Brazil. During her childhood she lived in Rio de Janeiro, where every sunny weekend was generally spent at the beach. Having moved to South of Brazil, she holds fond memories of summer vacations spent in Rio, which also involved many hours at the beach. Her love for the sea and Rio de Janeiro, as well as that city’s history, permeates the pages of her first fiction book, Finding Cristina. During her teens she avidly read in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian. A few years ago she developed a love for murder mysteries written during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Emilia moved back to the United States several years ago.

Finding Cristina

Finding Cristina

It is early 1920s. In the tropical city of Rio de Janeiro, it is February—Carnaval time!

After her father’s death, young Cristina is left with a large house in one of the most beautiful places in the world—Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But his illness left large debts that must be paid. To make matters worse, her mother’s health starts to decline. With the support of a maid that is more a family member, Cristina, an accomplish pianist, finds work and keeps the creditors at bay. She is undaunted by adversity and faces the mounting problems with resolution and good heart.
Love is the last thing in her mind, but destiny will bring a stranger into her path who will unveil a secret from her past. His love will change her life forever. But before this denouement, they must recon with two men: one would do anything to keep her to himself; the other will stop at nothing to keep the secret so…

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