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Chrissy Hartmann

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Ohio—born author, Chrissy Hartmann hopes one day to hit the New York Best Sellers list. Now out is her debut contemporary romance to her Whiskey Salvation series, “Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation”. Coming late this summer will be her novella, “Whiskey Coffee”.
Her favorite genre to write is romance. But she also blogs for the Prickle Forrest Chronicles. She's even authored two award-winning short stories that tend to lean toward the suspense/mystery side. And to lighten the mood she dabbles in poetry once in a great while.
This romance author has lived in various spots all over Ohio and now resides in Wooster. She graduated college from Kent State University with a B.A. in History and was planning to get her master’s in Library of Science until the loss of her eyesight thwarted that. But not to be stopped from anything with books, she decided to buy a computer with a talking program called JAWS and write her own novels, which she’s taught herself how to do over the last dozen or so years and can be found writing at all hours of the day. However, she manages to set aside some time to edit medical reports. And with a couple other hours, she can be found spinning vinyl with her husband, discussing Star Wars with her Eagle Scout, or playing with her retired guide dog and long-haired kitten. She loves coffee and writing workshops, but better yet, both together. One day, she hopes to retire to island life, preferably on Put-In-Bay and if not, at least research it for years.

Rescuing Whiskey's Salvation

Rescuing Whiskey's Salvation

No longer happy dealing with the glitz and glamour, cosmetic heiress, Evie Mae Stockton plans to reopen her “dead” uncle’s homeless shelter in Whiskey, Texas. But, the town’s favorite cowboy, Griff Bryant, a land developer has other ideas for it.

Battling with her finances, the repairs to the shelter, and a homeless Troupe of Clowns who unknowingly terrorize her, Evie doubts her decision of coming to Whiskey… Until Griff wants to help. Evie’s brain stubbornly insists she can do this on her own, but her heart whispers to let him in.

While her heart warms to his, the mayor’s revitalization committee, a committee Griff sits on, threatens to lasso the shelter via eminent domain.

Crushed with the news, Evie must decide between the cowboy or the shelter. Will her stubbornness stop her from RESCUING WHISKEY’S SALVATION or will it prevent her from finding true love?

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