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Baleigh Bognar

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Baleigh Bognar can usually be found with her nose in a book and now, she can finally be found with her nose in her own book. She has been competing in short-story competitions and writing leisurely since elementary school and always dreamt of publishing her own book. After completing her degree in Communication Studies from Kent State University, she decided to write and self-publish her debut memoir, At Home with the Weeds.

When she's not writing, Baleigh enjoys hiking with her puppy, practicing yoga, and trying to learn to like IPA’s. Baleigh lives in Stow, Ohio with her two cats, Sadie and Huey, and her new puppy, Jovi.

At Home with the Weeds

At Home with the Weeds

"The river always treated Baleigh right, even if it meant crossing over the shit bridge to get there. But it’s the reason she discovered this magical spot in the first place that put her through the whirlwind of emotions she never knew she had.
After struggling with her own demons and panic attacks for years, Baleigh found a vice that made all of the harsh feelings go away. One that taught her how to live freely and let go of the worry that seemed to follow her for most of her life. One that showed her how exciting taking a risk could be. One that felt like the final piece to the puzzle.
Until it wasn’t.
From her experience spending time in the behavioral health wing of a hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina to moving back home to Kent, Ohio, Baleigh takes us on her journey facing anxiety head-on. Along the way, she comes face-to-face with fate who shows her a different side of life she thought only existed on the big screen and in the storybooks.
At Home With The Weeds is a recount of a love story that Baleigh calls completely and unapologetically, her own. And it’s deeper than you think."

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