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Adrian Schaar

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David of Muskrat Bottom

David of Muskrat Bottom

What might, at first glance, appear to be a feel-good story of a little boy at play, quickly evolves into a narrative of the author’s journey from boyhood through military service in the Vietnam War and the delayed aftermath.

The reader is treated to a palatable rendering of hard gained wisdom, down home philosophy, chuckling humor and tear-jerking sadness. It is the story of a life exposed - within the bounds of propriety - of an author who is anchored in realism, but eternally optimistic.

David of Muskrat Bottom, a memoir with a purpose that goes beyond the telling of events, gives the reader assurance that screwing-up is a common human trait and, if handled properly, becomes a tuition free educational experience. It includes a brief look at events during the author’s Vietnam experience that probably missed the nightly news.

Arguably, the most valuable aspect of the book may be that it provides a path to dealing with PTSD as well as life.

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